Feed Trust Score On-Chain

In order to feed Goat.Tech Trust Score On-Chain, please follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: retrieve the pool address of a user address by calling the getPool(address) function of contract PoolFactory, which is 0x854626ec1e654ecdce94b39e5896587881f844d4 (on Blast Sepolia).

const pool = await ContractPoolFactory.methods.getPool("0x1c60244959213ba28610dd0702bb50cc98328e75").call()
const dctDistributor = pool.dctDistributor;
  • Step 2: Call balanceOf(pool.dctDistributor) function of contract EP2PDToken, which is 0xda73d0e531fce6ddb355ba7d324e7955ebbe15f0 (on Blast Sepolia).

const trustScore = await ContractEP2PDToken.methods.balanceOf(dctDistributor).call()
  • ABI Interface of contract PoolFactory: PoolFactoryABI.json

  • ABI Interface of contract EP2PDToken: EP2PDTokenABI.json

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