What is Goat L2

Phase 2 (Goat L2): First Restaked L2 for Onchain Reputation is the only L2 built on a unique combination of components that natively restake deposited ETH to earn you not just ETH staking yield but also extra restaking rewards. The only L2 that helps you maximize ETH yields while building your reputation and increasing your ETH balance.

Goat L2 = a Modular L2 built with Arbitrum Orbit, powered by EigenDA, with AltLayer Restaked Rollups

Goat L2 = a low-fee, highly-scalable, interoperable, and the most profitable chain to build Trust -> Attract all Web3 users to build Trust on Goat L2 → Goat L2 = Most accurate source of Trust Score -> Dapps on any chain can feed Trust Score from Goat L2 via Cross-chain protocols → Cross-chain DeFi integrations.

Also, moving ETH staking+restaking yield generation to the rollup layer reduces complexity at Dapp level -> Less room for errors, and more room to add more features

If Etherfi makes restaking easy as a Dapp (stake in our Dapp, get restaking yield)

and Blast makes staking easy as an L2 (deposit in our L2, get staking yield)

then Goat makes restaking easy as an L2 (deposit in our L2, get both).

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