⚑Goat.Tech Ecosystem

Given countless use cases of onchain Trust Score. Countless partners are lining up to plug in Goat.Tech.

  1. Wallets: show Trust Score within the wallet app in the future to prevent fraud;

  2. Marketplaces: allow sorting buyers/sellers by Trust Score;

  3. GameFi, Metaverse: give exclusive NFTs to users with high Trust Score;

  4. SocialFi: Lens, Farcaster, FriendTech, DeBank, etc. can display users’ Trust Score;

  5. Lending: adjust lending rate based on Trust Score;

  6. Launchpads: adjust allocation and vesting time based on Trust Score;

  7. ETH L2s: offer Goat.Tech users even more incentives to stake and invite friends;

  8. AI, Analytics: offer deep analytics and AI advisory to maximize earnings on Goat.Tech;

  9. Web2 Apps: feed Trust Score from Goat.Tech API to classify users.

  10. Web3 Projects: target, classify, airdrop token based on Trust Score.

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