Solution design: Trust Validator

Trust Validator of Web3

Goat.Tech is supposed to give you peace of mind, like a Moody's credit ratings back in the days.

It’s a Reputation Infrastructure on EigenLayer to make Web3 safe and prosper.

Bad actors are punished, while those who who build and maintain good reputation are rewarded.

  • Decentralized, verifiable algorithms: algorithms are simplified enough to execute fully on-chain in a decentralized manner so that anyone can verify.

  • On-chain validation of off-chain data: one’s trust score can be socially and actively validated by other entities; in particular, off-chain data can be submitted for on-chain voting.

  • Trust secured by real funds: users can lock-stake funds to earn, and validate trust; trust is secured by their current and future earnings, which can be slashed if their wrongdoings are submitted and voted against. (inspired by mechanism of users restaking ETH on EigenLayer to secure AVSs while being subject to slashing conditions)

  • β€œChallenge period” to dispute trust: high trust scores are not permanent; anyone can be challenged and subject to community voting; validated wrongdoings result in earnings being slashed and trust score reduced. (inspired by the fraud-proving mechanism of optimistic rollups where participants can dispute a transaction’s validity)

  • Gamified trust incentive system: different types of rewards incentivize all participants.

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