👑Trust Score

This determines how much Mining Reward you can generate for all stakers in your pool

User A's Trust Score = A's Financial_stability x A's Booster x Sum of Staking Power of all of A's Stakers

Financial Stability (FS)

Financial_stability = ETH_Earning / Max_ETH_Earning

ETH_Earning = your current earning balance (that comes from 9 types of rewards)

Max_ETH_Earning = your highest ETH Earning balance to date

When a user restakes his/her Earning, his FS may remain the same or reduce as Max_ETH_Earning is updated according to:

  • Max_ETH_Earning = Max_ETH_Earning - (remaining_duration + new_stake_locktime) / max_duration

  • max_duration = 24 months


You gain Boost-Vote Power every time you stake GOAT token in your own pool.

Booster = 1 + (Max_booster - 1) x (your Boost-Vote Power / highest Boost-Vote Power among all users)

This creates a race among all users to stake the most GOAT and gain the highest Booster

Max_booster is 2 and will increase over time to boost the demand of GOAT token.

Staking Power

Staking Power is the multiplied amount of ETH staked by a user in a pool. Please refer to "Stake ETH."

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