💎Early Mainnet Benefits

Savor while it lasts

  1. Pool Reward: earn 2% of staking volume instantly as anyone stakes in your pool.

  2. Mainnet Points: earn Mainnet Points for staking ETH in any pool (including your own). Mainnet Points will be converted GOAT token and airdropped upon TGE.

  3. Referral: every user has a referral code to refer friends; earn 20% of Mainnet Points from your direct referrals and 5% of Mainnet Points of your indirect referrals. The more your friends stake ETH and refer their friends, the more Points you earn.

  4. Staker Reward: stake early in the pools of your popular friends to earn Staker Reward (a share of 3% of staking volume) from those pools.

  5. Whale-friendly: stake in your own pool (self-stake) as many times and with as much ETH as possible with zero fee; stand out early with high Trust Score like a lightning rod to attract stakers and quickly earn Pool Reward & Staker Reward.

  6. Self-Stake Advantage: earn higher Staking Power for every self-staked ETH to increase your future earnings from Mining Reward & Staker Reward.

After the Mainnet Event, system parameters will be reset.

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