🖥️System Parameters

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Treasury_share = 1%

Allocation of staked ETH to the Treasury to be spent on marketing, marketmaking, product and business development

Pool_reward_rate = 2%

Allocation of staked ETH to pool owner

Staker_reward_rate = 3%

Allocation of staked ETH to current stakers in the same pool

Stake_GOAT_fee = 1%

Percentage of GOAT which is burned immediately upon being staked

Multiplier_factor = 0.13

A factor in calculating the multiplier for Staking Power and Boost-Vote Power

Max_multiplier = 4

Maximum value of the multiplier

Eth_Self_stake_multiplier = 1.5

Multiplier for self-staked ETH and GOAT in calculating Staking Power and Boost-Vote Power

Max_booster = 2

Maximum Booster for the user who stake the most GOAT

Max_sponsor_advantage = 7

Max value of the multiplier in calculating Sponsor Power of the current Sponsor

Max_advantage_after = 7 days

Time it takes for the Sponsor Power multiplier to reach the maximum value

Min_Attacker_fund_rate = 25%

Minimum ratio of Challenger_fund to Defender_fund

Min_freeze_duration = 7 days

Shortest duration of a Challenge

Max_freeze_duration = 100 days

Longest duration of a Challenge

Freeze_duration_unit = 100 days

Time it takes for a Challenger/Defender to double its frozen asset (given maximum Challenge duration and 1:1 ratio of Challenger_fund to Defender_fund)

Quick_vote_advantage = 2

Multiplier in calculating Voting Power

Attack_fee = 0 GOAT

One-time fee paid by Challenger

Max_voter_share = 25%

Maximum value of Voter Share a Challenger can set

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