What is Goat Dapp

Phase 1 (Goat Dapp)

First Gamified Onchain Reputation Protocol with Native Yield is a social-financial game where users stake ETH to increase each otherโ€™s reputation (Trust Score), earn rewards, and find out who is the GOAT (highest Trust Score).

Endless use cases of Trust Score for Web3 users, KOLs, founders, investors, etc. We pioneer Trust-to-Earn model and Trust Circle Marketing.

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We built a fun Dapp where users are strongly incentivized to stake ETH to increase each other's Trust Score and find out "who's the GOAT" (highest Trust Score). An innovative gameplay is devised to emulate real-life processes of how reputation is formed when one places trust in another, with ETH as the unit of trust. The expected result is an onchain Trust Score that reflects a user's real-life reputation and self-adjusts in real-time based on onchain activities between users on our Dapp.

Benefits of Joining Goat.Tech

By participating various activities on Goat.Tech, you can are entitled to 9 types of rewards in ETH and the protocol token GOAT:

1) Pool Reward: earn ETH when people trust you (join your pool)

2) Staker Reward: earn ETH when trusting the right people early

3) Mining Reward (Reputation Yield): earn GOAT when trusting the most reputable people

4) Trustor Reward: earn ETH, GOAT when your Trustees earn anything

5) Staking Reward: earn ETH Staking (Phase 1) & Restaking yield (Phase 2)

6) Fee Reward: earn ETH from Protocol fees

7) Airdrop Reward: earn ETH and GOAT occasionally from Airdrop Fund

8) Challenge Reward: earn ETH when successfully Challenging wrong-doers

9) Defense Reward: earn ETH when successfully defending against Challenges (APR 365%)

10) Voting Reward: earn ETH when voting on reputation Challenges

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The Basics

  1. Each person has a โ€œTrust Poolโ€ that stands for his/her trustworthiness.

  2. The more ETH people stake in (join) your pool, the longer they lock, the higher your Trust Score gets.

  3. (Pool Reward) When people stake ETH in your pool, you earn 2% ETH immediately.

  4. Only You can unstake your stake; the pool owner cannot steal your money.

  5. It costs 6% fee to join a pool and start earning risk-free ETH and protocol token from that pool forever.

  6. You can join unlimited pools to earn up to 9 types of rewards in ETH and GOAT.

  7. (Staker Reward) After you join a pool, you earn ETH whenever anyone stakes ETH in that pool.

  8. (Mining Reward) Every second, GOAT token is mined to all Trust Pools based on their Trust Scores; if you join a pool, you share that poolโ€™s Mining Reward.

    • (Flywheel 1) The higher your Trust Score is โ†’ the more people join your pool to share Mining Reward โ†’ the higher your Trust Score getsโ€ฆ

  9. Trust Score reflects financial stability. If you withdraws ETH earning, Trust Score reduces temporarily and, as a result, generate less Mining Reward for your pool's stakers.

  10. (Booster) You can stake GOAT in your own pool, to boost your Trust Score. Max Booster is 2 and increases over time.

  11. (Trustor Reward) As someoneโ€™s Trustor, you will earn a share on All ETH & GOAT earnings of that person and All of that personโ€™s Trustees.

    • You can increase the Commission Rate youโ€™re willing to pay your Trustor, to attract more potential Trustors.

  12. In order to become someoneโ€™s Trustor, you need to stake the most ETH in his/her pool. Early Trustors are protected for a short period of time.

    • (Flywheel 2) The more ETH you earn โ†’ the more your Trustor earn from you โ†’ people compete to become your Trustor by staking more โ†’ the more you earnโ€ฆ

  13. (Reputation Attack) If you find a wrongdoer, you can bet your ETH to partially freeze his/her ETH earning.

  14. Anyone can stake GOAT token to vote for/against an attack. The winning side will earn from the losing side.

  15. (Leverage) Attacker with limited funds can bet less ETH to freeze more ETH of Defender. In exchange, Attacker needs more votes to win than Defender.

    • Defender usually has advantage (win with less votes). If winning โ†’ earns 365% APR on frozen ETH. If losing โ†’ only loses earning, not staked ETH or GOAT.

Onchain Trust Score

Technically, Onchain Reputation (Trust Score) is the balance of a soulbound token - this data can be fed onchain by any Dapp on the same chain, or transmitted through cross-chain messaging protocols to any chain, even non-EVM chains like Solana.

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