🦄Trust-to-Earn Best Practices

Road to the top of Goat.Tech Leaderboards

  1. Always use a new address to join Goat.Tech, to avoid snipers.

  2. Self-stake first to save 5% out of the 6% fee.

  3. If you find promising Affiliates → stake in their pools.

  4. If you find promising Sponsors → ask them to stake in your pool.

  5. If you have limited funds → find Stakers & Sponsor first.

  6. If you have ample funds → find Affiliates first.

  7. Utilize 3 Leaderboards to maximize your Earnings.

  8. Always Re-stake your Earning balance.

  9. Always Vote on new Challenges. Vote as early as possible.

  10. Set high Sponsor Reward Rate and Kickback Rate.

  11. Refresh Earning as often as possible; Withdraw Earning as little as possible.

  12. Earn and stake as much GOAT as possible.

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