🐐Protocol Token (GOAT)

Potential the best and first billion-dollar memecoin on Arbitrum

Initial Supply: 2.2 Billion GOAT

Emission: 7 GOAT/second (10%/year)

Halving: emission decreases by 50% every 24 months

Network: TBD

Utilities of GOAT token

1. Boost

Boost your Trust Score to earn more GOAT Token, so that you can Re-Stake your earning and earn even more GOAT Token.

2. Vote

Vote on Challenges to make risk-free earning, protect Trustworthy people, and take down wrongdoers.

3. Airdrop

Lock-stake GOAT Token to earn airdrop (ETH and GOAT) on special occasions and early early unstake penalty.

4. Endless Demand

People have to race to stake the most GOAT in order to maximize their Trust Score Booster. Further, when people challenge others’ reputation for a profit, demand for GOAT token becomes endless for both Challengers and Defenders who want to win. To top it off, all GOAT collected through fees (Challenge fee, Early Unstake fee) is burned immediately.

5. Governance

Vote on important decisions regarding the future of Goat.Tech.

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